Welcome to my blog!

Now that i’ve finally registered my domain, I’ve decided to start blogging! This might take some getting used to, I will not post as much as some in the blogosphere. I will keep you updated though on my photography adventures.

For now, i’m preparing a blog post on impressionistic photography. This photographic genre really caught my attention lately. So that’s going to be my cliffhanger for now. Also, i’ll use this space to keep you posted on my 365 project. Yes, i’m also doing one of those. Recently i’ve read an article from Eric Kim warning me not to do one of these. But it seems this actually motivates me to shoot more, and look for subjects that I normally wouldn’t touch with a digital sensor.

I might also use this space to do some gear reviews. As most photographers are aware, buying too much gear is a trap one can easily fall for. My goal would be to inform some of you on camera gear to perhaps give you some advice on what to buy and perhaps make a good judgement on how necessary the item actually is.

For now, i’ll leave you with a shot I did inside Central trainstation Groningen. This was a quickie, as I also had to catch the next train. I’ll be shooting some more of this spot, because I think it has some great architectural detail, it really stands out.
These 365 shots i’m taking, are all in 1:1 aspect ratio. I prefer shooting in 3:2, but this makes it easier to work with in post and publishing them to Instagram.