Switching from Fujifilm to the Ricoh GR III

Why? It’s smaller. So much for the short version of this blogpost. For more information, stay tuned. This year saw the release of the new Ricoh GR III. A different beast compared to the Fujifilm X100F, but certainly not a lesser beast. And following the release and hands-on reviews which popped up online; I became slowly interested in this camera. But why?

Well first off, the X100F was starting to collect dust. The camera was sitting on my desk and didn’t make the travels from and to work or other small trips. I did bring it to our city trips or events that invited picture taking. But it didn’t stick to me the way other cameras did. Enthusiasts will know what I mean, there’s just certain cameras that stick to you like glue, and are always there. It’s a practical case as well as a psychological case. The camera should be practical enough to be tagged along with you, but there’s also the feeling which a camera gives you to inspire picture taking instead of only being a beautiful device.

The Ricoh GR III definitely suits the practical case for bringing along the camera everywhere; it’s made to fit in your pocket with the small formfactor but also secures the lens very well using the automatic lenscurtain. To connect with the psychological (or emotional) aspect of photographers, this camera adheres to the spirit of street photography, with a cult following of streetphotogs to give testimony to the GR. Will this device be my EDC (everyday carry) camera? only time will tell. What I am convinced of, is this camera takes some really sharp shots with it’s versatile 28mm lens.