Fujifilm to the rescue

Hi there. A couple months ago my Fujifilm camera was sitting comfortably on my desk along with the usual equipment; laptop, speakers and amplifier, among stacks of paper and study books.

At that moment I was also seeking some comfort sitting behind my desk, so I leaned back and threw my legs on the desk amongst all the other objects. My desk is reasonably standard sized, so everything fitted the desk snuggly, including my two big feet. It was until I removed my feet, that i’ve slung along the camera to the ground. A little more than i thought was necessary. BAM! the camera fell on the wooden floor.

A quick inspection gave the impression that the camera was just fine. It was the lens which was damaged in a way that I couldn’t attach it to the camera anymore; I.E. the bayonet ring was demolished. A quick turn to the fujfilm support page, learned that there was a repair center in my country, so I send them the poor thing and they started to work.

About ten days later, my lens came back fully repaired, even a few scratches on the front surface were removed (kudos Fujifilm). Until now, i’ve never had to rely on the support from Fujifilm, but this experience gave me confidence in their support; even without warranty. The lens was repaired for a decent price (which insurance covered fortunately).

Thanks Fujifilm.