Credits: Martin de Jong

Hi! I’m Dennis, and I’d like to tell you something about how I became excited about photography. It was back in 2011 when I got an analogue camera from my uncle for Christmas. The Canon T70. Before this, I snapped away tons of digital shots during citytrips, holidays etcetera, but that was always just registering events. Nothing more, nothing less. The analogue camera changed all of this. I had to really think about my shooting. First of all, about the camera settings, as this machine wasn’t going to calculate everything for me. Secondly, about composing a shot, what to shoot, and how to shoot in an interesting way. Failure, resulted in waste of precious film. After a wild period of experimenting in city scenes and on my tireless friends, the settings became familiar, and i could really focus on photography. Sooner or later I was hooked, and got inspired by great photographers as: Aart Klein, Henri Cartier Bresson and many others.

This site will document my perpetual work in progress, and will also be a means of connecting with other photography enthusiasts or just people generally interested in  my work. Thanks for visiting!